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All about this Network
All about this Network
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Kihara Memorial Yokohama Foundation
for the Advancement of Life Sciences

Yokohama Bio Industry Center,
1-6, Suehiro-cho, Tsurumi-ku,
Yokohama 230-0045, Japan TEL:+81 45 502 4810 FAX:+81 45 502 9810


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We have developed operations focused primarily on the academic field as an incorporated foundation affiliated with the Yokohama City University since first established.

Prompted by its affiliation in April 2005 with the Economic and Tourism Bureau of the Yokohama municipal government, it has played a role as a key organ in furthering the Life Science City Yokohama project being promoted by the City of Yokohama and is striving to enhance and reinforce commercialization-related operations.

1 Date of establishment March 12, 1985

2 Purpose of establishment

The objectives of the foundation are to promote the systematization of joint research between universities and research institutes and industry sectors in the life science field and pursue organic collaboration while implementing academic exchanges and fostering academics, widely arousing the public awareness regarding the importance of life science research, thereby contributing to the promotion of life science in Kanagawa Prefecture and the activation of industry through its practical application.

3 "Chairman" M.D. Makoto UMEDA

4 Officers and staff
  Directors: 9, auditors: 2, councilors: 10
  Staff members: 6, part-time employees (industry-academia collaboration coordinators): 4

5 Supervisory authority: Policy Division, Planning Department, Kanagawa Prefectural Government

6 Section in charge at City of Yokohama: Industry Location Coordination Division, Economic and Tourism Bureau, City of Yokohama

7 Major operations
  1. Planning and promotion of joint and consigned life science researches
  2. International life science conferences, seminars and other academic exchanges
  3. Presentation of awards for outstanding life science research accomplishment (Kihara Academic Award)
  4. Promotion of life science education for the general public and especially youth (childrenユs science award, practical, training for high school students, etc.)
  5. Development, management and operations of life science R&D facilities
  6. Support for commercialization through the practical application of life science (Yokohama - Kanagawa Bio-Business Network reinforcement project, etc.)
  7. Training, dispatch and introduction of life science-oriented personnel (dispatch of researchers, placement service with charge, etc.)
    Other operations necessary for achieving the objectives

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